Pavise Lip Defense Lip Oil SPF 30 - Hue 604 Nude Pink
Pavise Lip Defense Lip Oil SPF 30 - Hue 604 Nude Pink
Pavise Lip Defense Lip Oil SPF 30 - Hue 604 Nude Pink
Pavise Lip Defense Lip Oil SPF 30 - Hue 604 Nude Pink

Pavise Lip Defense Lip Oil SPF 30 - Hue 604 Nude Pink

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A tinted lip oil that moisturizes, regenerates damaged lips, prevents lip thinning and filler migration, and defends against UV rays. 

DiamondCore® zinc oxide accelerates skin cell healing and provides unparalleled UVA/UVB/visible light protection so your lips look fuller for longer.

Naturally tinted with iron oxides and without synthetic dyes, lakes, or titanium dioxide—an industry first.

How to Use:

Apply directly onto lips, alone or as a topper. Reapply as often as desired.

Clinically Proven Results:

  • 100% said lips felt immediately hydrated
  • 100% said lips felt moisturized and nourished
  • 90% said lips looked fuller
  • 100% found it gentle and non-irritating with no allergic reactions

Product Details:

  • Tinted lip oil containing our proprietary DiamondCore® zinc oxide, built to prevent and reverse lip damage caused by aging.
  • Scavenges 80% of Reactive Oxygen Species (ROS), greatly reducing the chemical reactions that cause visible signs of aging and diminishing inflammation that prevents skin cells from healing. (Learn more about ROS)
  • Contains a 100% mineral UV filter which defends lips from UVA, UVB, and visible light, protecting against lip thinning and filler migration.
  • Natural, high-shine finish.
  • Pigmented using photoprotective iron oxide, without the inclusion of industry-standard dyes, lakes, and titanium dioxide.
  • Developed with dermatologists and medical oncologists and sold by hundreds of medical professionals nationwide.
  • Cruelty-free and vegan, and uses a mineral, FDA GRASE UV filter.


DiamondCore® Shield Technology

Patent-protected, diamond-augmented zinc oxide that reverses skin aging by eradicating 80% of solar-generated ROS, promoting cell healing, and providing broad spectrum, 100% mineral protection against UVA, UVB, and HEVL.

High + low molecular weight hyaluronic acid

Complementary small and large molecules of hyaluronic acid penetrate to different depths to sandwich moisture and fully saturate skin at every level

Iron oxides

A non-irritating, UV-protective alternative to synthetic dyes and lakes typically used to color cosmetics that still provides rich color


Calms irritation and sensitivity caused by UV radiation while maintaining skin hydration